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A high powered personalised prescription formulation to target dark marks.

Ingredients may include* :

Tretinoin 0.015 - 0.1%, Azelaic Acid, Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid

Dark spot formula: Hydroquinone cream 6%

Base ingredients: skin soothers include vitamin E, aloe, and triglycerides.

*Subject to dermatological assessment. Prescription is not guaranteed.

We recommend applying your formula once in the evening onto dry skin, after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Apply one to two pumps on the face.

Make sure to wear an SPF of 30-50 in the morning.

Please refer to your information leaflet on how to apply Dark spot formula. Dark spot formula should be stopped after 3-4 months.

Not to be used in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Our formulas contain prescription-grade ingredients used by dermatologists. They are not available in the shops or over the counter and they have a very high level of clinical evidence to demonstrate efficacy.
Effects include:

  • Inhibits the enzyme responsible for melanin production which reduces the amount of pigment produced in the skin

  • Fades dark marks

  • Improves melasma

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Our dermatology team will select the best ingredients to suit your skin goals

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Have a question about how it works? Check out our other FAQs or drop us a message.

We are a UK based team of skin doctors, pharmacists and expert formulators and we were sick of fancy formulations that do nothing for your skin. That’s why we have teamed up with the skin experts to offer a dermatologist designed virtual consultation so you can have access to effective, science backed ingredients. In formulas that suit your skin. Without all the faff of having to wait for a dermatology appointment!

If you choose to auto replenish, a 30ml bottle costs £48.50 and it lasts at least 8 weeks. This includes delivery as well as ongoing access to our expert dermatology team for advice and customisation.

You can choose how often you would like your formula to be delivered because we understand that people use it at different rates.

We bill £24.20 on a monthly basis because we feel this allows people to spread the cost more easily. The minimum subscription period is two months because the bottle is 30mls to last 8 weeks.

If you choose to replenish every two months, you will be billed £24.20 month 1 and £24.20 month 2. If you choose to replenish every three months, you will be billed £24.20 at the start of month 1, £24.20 at the start of month 2 and nothing at the start of month 3 etc.

You can cancel and control your delivery frequency in your dashboard.

If you would like to purchase your formula as a one off i.e not on subscription, the cost is £69.99/ 30mls.

Yes you can amend the frequency of your deliveries, delay your deliveries and cancel your subscription all from within your dashboard.

You can contact your prescriber from within your dashboard.

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